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  Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program (BREP) Report to Congress
  Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program - BREP(Click for report)

Contact Us

Galveston Laboratory
4700 Avenue U
Galveston, Texas 77551

Office Of The Laboratory Director

Name Email Phone
J. Jeffery Isely, Ph.D. (Acting) 409.766.3500
Kira McDermott 409.766.3500

Administrative Support Office

Name Email Phone
James Randolph 409.766.3500
Donita McMahen 409.766.3500
Shawana Roach 409.766.3507

Facilities Support

Name Email Phone
Robert Colton 409.766.3425
Tom Holmes 409.766.3521
Franny Lewis 409.766.3425

Fishery Management Branch

Name Email Phone
Rick Hart, Ph.D. 409.766.3404
Elizabeth Scott-Denton, Ph.D. 409.766.3571
Judy Gocke 409.766.3511
Mike Harrelson 409.766.3450
Pat Cryer 409.766.3525
Matthew Duffy 409.766.3527
Andrew Whatley 409.766.3525
Ben Duffin 409.766.3525
Jo Anne Williams 409.766.3516
Rebecca Smith 409.766.3783
Tim Baumer 409.766.3784
James Primrose 409.766.3526
Morteza Marzjarani, Ph.D. 409.766.3747
Gregg Gitschlag 409.766.3513
Megan Kesterson 409.766.3505
Gina Richie 409.766.3694
Serena Ahrens 409.766.3509
Lori Kolackowski 409.766.3426

Fishery Ecology Branch

Name Email Phone
Jim Ditty, Ph.D. 409.766.3782
Ron Hill, Ph.D. 409.766.3519
Jennifer Doerr 409.766.3705
Jennifer Leo, Ph.D. 409.766.3706
Phil Caldwell 409.766.3781
Shawn Hillen 409.766.3550
Juan Salas 409.766.3550

Protected Species Branch

Name Email Phone
Ben Higgins 409.766.3672
Cain Bustinza 409.766.3670
Lyndsey Howell 409.766.3670
Andy Krauss 409.766.3670
Cody Macon 409.766.3670
Heather Seiler 409.766.3670
Bryonna Cook 409.766.3670

Lafayette Facility

Name Email Phone
Patricia Rosel, Ph.D. 337.291.2123
Joy Merino 337.291.2109
Russell Carriere 337.291.3087

Savannah State University

Name Email Phone
Dionne Hoskins, Ph.D. 912.352.8925