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Fishery Ecology Branch Personnel


Galveston Laboratory

  Name Email Phone
  Dr. Tom Minello 409.766.3506
  Dr. Ron Hill 409.766.3519
  Dr. Jim Ditty 409.766.3782
  Phil Caldwell 409.766.3781
  Jennifer Doerr 409.766.3705
  Jennifer Leo 409.766.3706
  Shawn Hillen 409.766.3550
  Juan Salas 409.766.3550

Lafayette Laboratory

  Name Email Phone
  Dr. Lawrence Rozas 337.291.2110
  Joy Merino 337.291.2109
  Russell Carriere 337.291.3087

Savannah State University

  Name Email Phone
  Dr. Dionne Hoskins 912.352.8925